Monday, 20 May 2013

Single Review! ArtClassSink - 'Face The Day'

Oxford Shoe-gazers 'ArtClassSink' release their second single 'Face The Day' and ready themselves for the release of their new EP. A singing bass player, some suave hairdos and flashy jackets all seem accountable, but do they live up to the great musical odyssey that stems from Oxford?

The Oxford boys have gotten off to a great beginning since they set off two years ago. They've managed to gain support slots with bands such as 'Temples', 'SKATERS', and my favourite math-rock-ematicians 'This Town Needs Guns'. Their mixture of captivating guitar hooks, soft vocals, and a belting rhythm section really stand out to me.

'Face The Day' takes no time in kicking off. With a lash at the snare drum, the song gets into full motion - hinting a guitar riff Robert Smith from The Cure would be proud of. Backed up with a rhythm guitar which screams The Smiths (especially in songs such as 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out'), what could possibly go wrong? Nothing. This band have a really charming sound. The vocals are soft and timid - they calm you. Until the chorus that is. The chorus introduces a much harsher tone, utilizing dual vocals to highlight the lyrics more after a lush sweep of a chord, pleading, "don't let me face the day..." The band seem as if they wouldn't be a disappointment live too - which is always a nice touch - by presenting a raw sound. It's great to hear a mixture of relaxing vocals and thrashing instrumentation. There's a fulfilling sense to 'ArtClassSink'. Their sound is thick and powerful, but they don't over-do this. 

Every now and again, the charm of The Cure returns, but I can definitely hear the Dinosaur Jr. influence, especially in the breakdown (2.33). Break. A screech of the guitar. Rampant drums and the curling guitar riff you would expect to hear from J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.) build a perfect scenario for some good, old moshing. The vocals return - "Face The Day" repeated, fading in and out of the mix, which creates a really dreamy effect whilst keeping you hooked. The slight utilization of shoe-gaze qualities are easily picked up on against the post-punk grittiness, creating a mixture of your favourite bands. It's delightfully flowing, but the band exert moments of edginess and sharpness. 

I was pleasantly surprised with 'Face The Day' It will be really interesting to see how their EP turns out. 'ArtClassSink' plan to go on tour after the release of their EP and advise to keep an eye on their Facebook page ( As with any new music, I advise that you go and see 'ArtClassSink' when you can. They frequently play in Oxford, London and Reading.

The boy's quirky question of the day was "If you had a pet Sloth, what would you call it?" to which they replied "Sloths are scary! I'd like to make it more cute by calling it something lame like Fluffy Wiffy Ziggy Bojangles!" Thanks for that lads, really hope I hear more of you soon (not forgetting Bojangles).
Ellis Cullen


For fans of:
- The Cure
- David Bowie
- The Smiths
- Joy Division

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