Monday, 20 May 2013

Single Review! Penfold - 'Exactly How It Happened'

Five-piece alternative rock band 'Penfold' have been hard at work recording their latest single 'Exactly How It Happened', let's have a look at exactly what happened!

Already signed to Signal Flow Records, Scottish alternative rock band 'Penfold' are doing quite well for themselves so far to say the least. After touring Scotland last summer and having been dealt their fair share of radio play time, their next step was to release the single 'Exactly How It Happened'.

The single's title track 'Exactly How It Happened' was my favourite of these two tracks. This song opens with a distorted, catchy little chord progression (which could easily compared with a lot of the guitar work from The Manic Street Preacher's album 'Journal For Plague Lovers'). The rhythm guitar then drops out, leaving lead guitar, drums and vocals. What first strikes me about Thomas Fraser's vocals is their prominence at this point, with the first words of this song being 'BANG BANG on the door again', he ensures every word he sings is heard loud and clear. The first person I compared these vocals to in my mind was Simon Neil, and not just for the evident Scottish accent, but the passion behind his vocals. The piece erupts into the chorus at 0:58, introducing backing vocals from another band member. Another verse and chorus follows, bringing the piece to an end in under three minutes. The aspect of this recording I liked most was the raw energy behind the music, it hadn't been over-produced, and the band sounded as exciting as I imagine they sound live.

After the title track, we're treated to an acoustic number called 'And The Beast', and it's very different indeed to the A-side of the single, highlighted by the lead vocalist role being passed to Drummer (Liam Innes), with guitarist (Steven Dunsmore) replacing him on the drums. It's fair to say the band are very capable are adapting to new roles in the band as they sound very much capable of performing in this set-up. This track has a much more pop-like feel to it, making use of the acoustic guitar's softer timbre. There's a little more reverb on the vocals in this track, making it sound much more ambient and gentle. My favourite part of this song is the vocal break at 1:04, the band make very good use of different textures in this piece, and it's reassuring to see they can confidently write good music in both genres used in this single.

In response to our quirky question ''What would you do if whilst playing live a flying koala came hurtling towards you?'' the band replied ''We could catch him in a net, name him Koala Kong (Crash Bandicoot reference) and make him our 6th member playing the harpsichord. Koala Kong has a natural ability to play and is an incredible addition to the band!''. Excellent answer guys, fully expecting to hear that harpsichord in the single preceding the inevitable koala attack.

I look forward to hearing future releases from this band, and would recomend that anybody reading this goes to see them live given the opportunity.
Matt Hensley

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